The First Degree (1923)

The First Degree


Summons, District Attorney, Grand Jury, Witnesses, Testimony, Blackmail, Fratricide.

Silent Movie. From the AFI Catalog: “Sam Bass receives a summons to testify before a grand jury, and not realizing that the matter concerns sheep-stealing he assumes it to concern the murder of his brother, Will. Conscience-stricken, Sam relates a long tale about how Will had framed him for bank robbery, then blackmailed him. Sam further confesses that he killed Will in a fight. However, the jury is sympathetic and refuses to indict Sam. The next witness is Will, very much alive, who is eventually convicted of both sheep-stealing and blackmail.”

Based on the short story, The Summons, by George Pattullo (Saturday Evening Post, February 14, 1914).

Director – Edward Sedgwick
Lead Actor (Sam Bass) – Frank Mayo


District Attorney – Harry Carter




Universal Pictures